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Path of Exile and Mamutu

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Everytime a new patch of Path of Exile is released, client name remains the same but other stuff gets changed, including hash entry if I am not wrong.


Mamutu is fires up a pop up to update the existing PoE rule I have created everytime a new patch is done (rule is to exclude)


Is there a work around?

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Essentially it tells Mamutu (or EAM for that matter) that you expect the file to change regularly so it should ignore if it changes and just update the rule automatically in case the file changes. This will only affect the PoE executable though. All other files/changes will still cause Mamutu to issue an alert.

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I have checked and in March there has been more than 1 weekly update. Small fixes apart from the major 1 week update with new skills and unique items.


Although many files are updated etc,Mamutu only alerts on the modified Client.exe everytime. The only thing I keep forgetting to do is to check whats the behavior that Mamutu is monitoring on this particular exe.


If you do log into your Witch, well feel free to pay me a visit on Default League. Running a Rain of Arrows Ranger (testing some builds)

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