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I've had this problem with OA a more than a few times now but usually ignored it. But now

it's getting ridiculous seeing how it locked up/froze when I updated virtualbox while "auto allow" and "auto config" were

both unchecked, virtualbox setup wanted to connect to the inet and got the popup, which then made my vpn reconnect AND

OA's interface died on me (rendered useless, unclickable tabs, etc). Usually I'd lose inet access completely (ethernet

wouldn't work until a reset) but having had this problem before a reset is usually the only thing that fixes it so I didn't even wait to see if my ethernet would go. Having just restarted my computer OA's interface is STILL dead, unclickable tabs, it's stuck on programs. Gonna restart again but just wanted to post this first. This usually happens when a program wants to connect to the inet with "auto allow" and "auto config" unchecked, though I can't say for sure under what circumstance or what typical kind of programs.

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So I downloaded Online Armor, uninstalled mine, restarted, ran the setup and got this "Online Armor has detected that you have Virtual Box with
bridged networking installed. Virtual box's bridged networking driver is incompatible with Online Armos and using both at the same time results in full
system crashes (blue screens). Please uninstall the Virtual Box bridged networking support in order to install Online Armor. So I had to uninstall

virtualbox and after another restart got the same messasge over and over again. So I figured that it was reading some left over registry keys, so I had to manually go and delete what was left over. Finally got it to install but now all my firewall rules are gone. Is there anything I should know about virtualbox and

OA? I've ran virtualbox fine for as long as I can remember with no problems.

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