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Is The Emergency Kit Scan The Same As A Normal Scan?


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I suppose that a scan with the normal EAM scanner is the same as -or similar to- a scan with the Emergency Kid scanner. The latter only being for cases where a normal scan with EAM is not possible due to a malware infection so bad that Windows does not even start up normally anymore. Or some similar severe problem.


The only difference being that the normal EAM scanner has more virus definitions, as they were added to it since the Emergency Kit was made.


How is this?

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I see various download buttons on the download page for the Emergency Kit here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/eek/

One is shown on top of the page right under "Emsisoft Emergency Kit 3.0", and scrolling down there is one saying "Do-it-yourself Emergency USB stick." I suppose they are identical, so the first one can be send to a memory stick once you have it downloaded and saved on your pc? (I have saved it in my Download folder.)

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The number of malware definitions is the same, just perform an update before you scan with the Emergency Kit scanner. The malware definitions are stored on the USB stick or in the Emergency Kit folder on your system.

The download is always a zip file with the Emergency Kit scanner files and latest malware definitions. It is refreshed on the download servers every day.


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Thank you.


I understand that some rootkits hide so well that they might no be discovered by a regular scan. And that they can already be active while Windows is starting up.


I might have had such a problem a few days ago. Right after Windows showed the Welcome screen, a black screen appeared, and Microsoft gave a message saying that Windows could not be started, and offered to check and restore things. For a long time rows of white sentences rolled up, beginning with "Error" and ending with "Restored." ("Hersteld" in Dutch.) Then automatically it tried to start my Windows 7, but the same "Windows cannot be started" message appeared again.


I tried to use a backup -via f9- made a week ago, stored on an external drive, but it didn't work. 


Finally I used the 3 factory rescue disks to reformat and spend over 2 days getting my laptop in shape again.

So I wonder if the Emergency Kit might have solved that in case it was due to a rootkit.


I have a 3 year EAM + OA licence, but also nearly a year to go on Avira Premium which I used before getting EAM. I'm not using Avira at present, but they offer a somewhat complicated rescue-cd option (you must download some third party software first, and then burn the rescue-program on a cd) which removes rootkits not found by its regular scanner. Does EAM's Emergency Kit also do that?


(I like the easy option of the USB stick better than the rescue-cd option.)

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Thank you. That brought me to these articles:


"Six Windows 7 Nightmares (and How to Fix Them)

1. Your PC Won't Boot"



I had no idea that one could make a System Repair Disc from one's own pc.


"What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?"



(You are the one who also helped me a few times already with some other EAM + OA issues via email I just realize. Ook dank daarvoor. [Also thanks for that.])



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