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Why is AO going nuts with Microsoft.Office.Interop... ?

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Product: Emsisoft Online Armor v

System: Windows7 SP1, x64



Hi All,


I don't know what's going wrong but AO does not stop poping-up all the time asking me to approve Microsoft office stuff. I select "Memorize my choise" but in vain. tens if not hundreds of continuous pop-ups. 


Can Emsisoft approve them once and for all?


As example, here is a I was asked to validate: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClientX64\integratedoffice.exe




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Hello Arnauld,


You may want to try deleting those entries in OA's Program list (Office must be closed, first of all), rebooting your system and then running Microsoft Office. At this point you should allow and trust again any component related to Office. I had a similar issue in the past and I was able to solve it following these directions.

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When OA encounters a new item that it cannot identify, it will pop-up. What happens when you choose to remember your decision?

In your original post you mentioned that "Remember my decision"  didn't work for Microsoft Office related entries. Is it properly workig now?

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