Ramnit Malware

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Quite besides being harder to detect due to various anti-detection tricks, Ramnit is also a nasty file-infector. It will infect legitimate executable files on a computer, meaning that infected files cannot simply be deleted but have to be cleaned (read: the malicious code will have to be removed from the original file code). This is a difficult process and while various security programs are able to do this, when the infection occurs part of the original code may have been overwritten. This means that even if the malicious code can be removed, it is not unlikely that the cleaned file will be corrupt and thus unusable. 


Imagine that this happens to thousands of files (when dealing with a full-blown Ramnit infection). If such corrupted files are a (critical) part of Windows, you can encounter serious problems when running applications/using the computer. My recommendation would be to do a complete reformat/reinstall, this is usually the safest and fastest way to fix this.


Of course prevention is always better than cure, and real time (and behavior blocking) protection can be crucial when dealing with (and preventing) this type of infections. Also not to forget: be sure you have a backup of important data (preferably on a storage device that is not always connected to the computer so the data cannot be targeted when the computer gets inadvertently infected).

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I for one feel a lot safer with EAM real time and  behaviour blocker,small price for peace of mind

And no,I don't work for Emsisoft :)

Thanks Elise

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