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Blacklists in online armor how can be used ?

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I don't think I can explain this better than the help in Online Armor does, so I will copy and paste from it:

Online Armor supports the import of Blacklists in the "Bluetack" format. Online Armor will block any connections to or from the IP addresses on the Blacklist(s).


You may add multiple blacklists and give them a name for easy identification. Selecting the "Default (All Rules)" option configures Online Armor to apply the blacklist to all rules automatically. In the Advanced mode rule editor you may override these settings on a per-rule basis.

You can Import and Export your blacklists by right-clicking any entry in the Blacklists.

You can also manually Add, Delete, or Edit individual entries in each blacklist with the corresponding buttons below.

Unfortunately the popular blacklist for Online Armor at Calendar of Updates is no longer available, so you may have to do some searching to find a blacklist in the right format.
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Here you can find latest blocklists. They are compatible with Online Armor and work pretty good.


I have written an application to updating and managing blocklists, but I couldn't patch the configuration files in order to using downloaded blocklists in Online Armor without user's interaction. So the application was very difficult in use and required manual configuration. Currently it's abandoned project.

Maybe in the future OA will be having easy to modify configuration files.

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