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Declare own processes as "good" (set background color green) in HiJackFree?

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When I open Processes section in Hijackfree then a lot of (most) of processes are known and set to green background color.

However there are some new/unusal processes with white background.


I want to declare them as "good" and set their background as "green".


How can I do this?


I expected a context menu when right clicking on them and a context menu entry "declare good" or similar.


But unfortuantely there is no such context menu.


Is there another way?


if not: Can this feature be added in the next release?


This way I could get a faster overview about unknown/new processes.


Similarly declaring "Services" in the corresponding section should be declareable as good/green.

Multiselecting multiple lines/entries at once (even with common Ctrl+A) would be appreciated


Thank you


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