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Online Armor Firewall Status Outbound Data measurement

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I'm trying to understand exactly what the "Online Armor Firewall Status" window measures, so that I can use it effectively. As far as I can see, it gives me a graph of Inbound and Outbound Data and Connections, plus a list of Programs and Active Connections. However, Online Armor is clearly not seeing everything that is going on. At the moment, the Outbound Data graph shows data going out at around 80 kB/s, but there are no programs listed that could be responsible for this outbound data traffic. There are two entries for iexplore.exe - one is shown as uploading at 6 B/s, the other at 4 B/s. There are two active entries for svchost.exe - both are showing 1 B/s. They are the only programs that are showing any up speed readings at all.


The traffic which OA is currently seeing is due to a large file being uploaded to Dropbox. However, Dropbox.exe is shown by OA to have an Up Speed of 0 B/s.


Can anyone explain to me how OA can be measuring Outbound Data at 80 k/Bs, but not identify the program responsible for that traffic?


Windows 7 64 Home, OA Premium



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I have verified that the outbound data graph does not show the same amount of upstream bandwidth usage as the list of programs with active connections, and I have reported this as a bug. Our developers will take a look at this as soon as they can. ;)

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OK - nearly a year later, and the "bug" has still not been fixed. When I first purchased Online Armor, one of the things I thought would be useful was the ability to see how much data was being sent by the various processes active on my computer. This just does not work, and it seems a pretty significant thing to get right in my opinion. At the moment, the Outbound Data graph is showing between 50 and 120 kB/s, but if I add the upload speeds of all the programs listed as active, it comes to a grand total of approximately 6 kB/s.

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Have you tried a program such as TCPView from Microsoft, and compared the numbers it shows with the numbers in Online Armor?

Also, Windows 7 has a built-in Resource Monitor that can tell you how much bandwidth each program is using. You can open it by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping R, typing in resmon, and clicking OK.

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