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CLOSED help with malware

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apologies, but i went away for a few weeks and left my computer at home. the previous thread was closed so i have pasted the last set of instructions below, and attached the new log reports that were requested. the computer is running much better but there is still infections on there. please could you have a look at the latest reports and help me finish removing it all!

many thanks


Posted 05 December 2009 - 09:56 PM


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Hi Richard,

Please continue in your initial thread - it will be reopened.

Be attentive when reading instruction It s clearly stated that user cannot start new thread regarding the same issue

Read the last comment by ShadowPuterDude.

You should've sent PM with the request to reopen the case

Re-attach log files and comments there.

Do not use whole quotations (see special clause in the instruction)

If you have comments to specific part of the reply – quote that part only

This thread is locked

My regards

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