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"Firewall Status" network-traffic plots are blank!

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Recently I noticed that the network traffic graphs (on Online Armor's "Firewall Status" page) are blank, and do not ever update; despite significan network activity!

The green grid-lines on the three charts render normally, but there are no histogram plots for  "Inbound data", "Outbound Data", or "Connections".  Also, the small OA "status-bar" icon -- which used to show red and green bar-graphs that varied according to the In/Out network traffic -- no longer updates either!

Yet the textual display of network traffic by PID (shown below the Firewall Status page charts) does update, and displays the appropriate numeric values for the current inbound and outbound data traffic.

I have a Windows XP SP3 system.  I noticed the problem several months ago, and so recently did a fresh install to update to the (freeware) version of Online Armor.  However, the problem remains.

Is this a feature that's been removed from the freeware version?  Or is it a bug?  Or something else?


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Hi Christian,


As you suspected, the Terminal Services process was indeed not running on my XP system..  So once I started the process, OA's network activity graphs began functioning normally.   You sure figured that out quickly!


I hate to admit it, but I actually had intentionally disabled the Terminal Service process, because I wasn't using "remote desktop" or "fast user switching";  and knew that the Terminal Service process was a favorite target for hackers looking to compromise a system.  So it seemed prudent to disable it.  I had no idea that OA depended on the Terminal Service process for its network activity display! 


I'm sure there are good reasons for that design decision; but from this ignorant user's perspective,  it seem ironic that a security product like Online Armor would require users to activate a powerful, vulnerable process like the Terminal Service, simply to display status data.


Anyway, now that I know the problem, I need to decide if having a functional OA network traffic graph is worth the risk of continuously running the Terminal Service process that I don't otherwise need.  Now, if I were an ideal 'me', I would manually start the Terminal Service process each and every time I needed to monitor network traffic via OA; and then halt the process when I was finished.   More likely though, I'll just throw caution to the wind, and leave the process running all the time.  Yes, I am quite the wildman.   ;-)


Thanks again for your help!



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