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Emsisoft engine signatures needs consolidated

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i noticed that you guys are adding  new Emsisoft engine signature files like  crazy  mostly  1 file ever other day



you guy must have  enough  files to cover all  malware families and variants


it gone up  so much  in file numbers here is  stats


first time  i started tracking numbers was on march 24 the  number  of signature files was  at  477 files


now  it at  509


it gone  up  alot suddenly




please  consolidate signatures so there is  less files and  less memory usage



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you guy must have  enough  files to cover all  malware families and variants

I wish that was the case. We'd never have to worry about malware again. ;)

The problem is that new malware is released constantly, and our research team has to constantly add new things to the database. Heuristics are used to reduce the number of new signatures, but when there are thousands of new malicious files found every day it is impossible to cover all future variants of every infection with heuristics, and of course even if it was new types of malware would still need to be handled by new signatures.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the database cannot be periodically cleaned up, and this is something that our research team has done several times since Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 was released (note that Emsisoft Emergency Kit shares the same database with Emsisoft Anti-Malware), and I am sure that our research team will continue to do it when they feel it is needed.

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i think you  misunderstood me


i was talking about the numbers of  .sig files ( just files)


i see one .sig  file  contains  sigs for  trojans/worms spyware/traces


why arent  you guys just added definitions  to  existing files instead of  adding more

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If we were to combine all of the database updates into a single file client-side, then it would use a lot of CPU time during the update process. It could potentially cause performance issues on peoples' computers every hour or two throughout the day.

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