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Please open Online Armor, go to Programs in the menu on the left, and uncheck the Hide trusted option below the list. After that, please look through the list to make sure that the following files are Trusted and Allowed.

  • openvpn.exe
  • openvpn-gui-1.0.3.exe
Note that the 1.0.3 in openvpn-gui-1.0.3.exe is the version number, and that the number will most likely be different on your computer.
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Hi GT thanks for the reply. yeah i had that all configured, what happens is if the firewall is enabled it takes lots of attempts for openvpn to get the TAP interface up (around 20 attempts) then after it minimizes to the tray and says that it's connected, but no traffic seems to be going threw the vpn connection and ISP IP is shown.

In the openvpn log when the firewall is enabled (connects but doesn't actually work) and this is the error: Initialization Sequence Completed With Errors ( see http://openvpn.net/faq.html#dhcpclientserv )

with firewall disabled openvpn connects as normal and shows no errors - Initialization Sequence Completed

also thought that i should add i have tried changing the interface settings from both ethernet and openvpn interfaces to trusted, or just ethernet trusted, or just openvpn trusted no combination made any difference.

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Would it be possible for you to send me a private message with the connection log from OpenVPN?

Also, if you could open Online Armor, go to Options in the menu on the left, switch to Advanced mode if you have Online Armor Premium, then go to the Firewall tab, and enable the firewall logs with additional debugging information so that Online Armor will log connection information. After that, connect to your VPN the same way you normally would, and after you have verified that your real IP address is being displayed rather than your VPN address you can close the VPN connection.

To collect the firewall logs, go to C:\Program Files\Online Armor and right-click on the Logs folder, go to Send to, and select Compressed (zipped) folder to ZIP the Logs folder. You can then attach that ZIP archive to a private message to me as well.

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