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The Privacy Policy this extension uses explains in detail what information will (not) be saved. You can find it here: http://newhometab.com/privacy.aspx

I have copied the relevant parts below for you:


What will we never save?

We value your privacy and try as much as possible to refrain from any activity which may be considered as invasion of your privacy and therefore we will never: (i) use a unique ID on your user, browser or computer for any purpose other than statistical improvement of our services (ii) save or send any password you submit to any website, (iii) operate our services in any HTTPS webpage. 
Every time you browse a webpage, we receive information regarding your visit, the page you are viewing, related keywords and your cookie. Our server sends you personal preferences and information regarding the specific page you are viewing.
Where is information saved?
We use encryption for information stored on our servers and servers are stored in a secure location. Only a limited number of our employees may access some information, but no employee may access personal information or view your history. Our staff receives periodical instructions regarding privacy, and updates and maintains the servers up to date with software updates and patches.
Can you prevent us from saving information?
As we believe that your information is your information, you may request that we will not store any information about you. You may do so by enabling Private Browsing Mode in your browser preferences.
When is information removed?
We retain information for a short period of time and most information is not retained for more than a year. We only use the information in order to process it to aggregated, non-personally identifiable information and in order to adhere with law enforcement authorities.
Who else can see the information?
The information we process may be seen by our business partners, which receive aggregated, non-personally identifiable information regarding his users. Moreover, we process the information to our public domains. 
We may also, in rare cases, share information with our advertisers in cases where there are disputes in regarding to clicks or purchases.


In other words, your browsing behavior is used, but none of the information collected is of personal/sensitive nature. 

Note that this extension is ad-supported, if you're okay with that its safe to use, but not all computer users are happy with it. :)

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