Are Emsisoft Anti-Malware update servers down?

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Just as the title says, are the servers down?

Are you still having trouble with updates?

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Im sorry for the late response.

The last time i was able to update EAM was today at 4:01 A.M. GMT -5

Then i turned off the PC and went to sleep, turned on the PC again today at around 2:00 P.M. and have not been able to update since then.


I am running paid EAM + OA Premium right now. I have been using this setup for a couple months already with no problems until now.

I also have not changed anything in OA settings, i did lock the GUI down a few weeks ago with a password but it didn't cause any problem.


I have tried disabling OA but EAM still fails to update.

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UPDATE: Seems like the issue was OA.

After tinkering with OA i just noticed that for some odd reason OA was blocking Port 80 on EAM. This is really weird since i have not changed any settings on OA and i never noticed this because EAM was set as "Allowed" but had Port 80 blocked.

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