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update error Online Armor

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The Armor has not updated since 5th april!!! 


I get a message saying  a2trust.dat is corrupted.   My email (<edited>)  has been suspended due to being compromised.  Is this related???


someone please reply.

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Please follow the instructions at this link, and one of our malware removal specialists will help you verify if your computer is infected.

Please be sure to mention the issue with Online Armor updating and the issue with your e-mail account being compromised.

Technically the error message about a2trust.dat being corrupt when updating is a cryptography issue, which means that it couldn't decode the file and is assuming it to be due to a corrupt file. There can be more than one cause for this particular issue, but since your e-mail account has been compromised your computer may have been as well, so it is best to let a malware removal expert have a look and verify whether or not that is the case before we proceed with debugging the Online Armor issue. ;)

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After I have downloaded the emergency kit and unzipped it, it says  "windows cannot find a2emergencykit.exe  etc.    I have saved it to a desktop folder and have twice downloaded to a folder.  I downloaded OLT and scanned.  I have the reports to send.


Please advise

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