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"Add / Remove Programs" issue with OA enabled


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When I try to remove foobar2000 v1.2.6 (it happened also with  v1.2.5) using "add / remove programs", the system  hangs/freezes for a few minutes and oasrv.exe CPU usage increases to 50% and remains that way.

After several minutes, I got an error message from Windows saying the application couldn't be removed or it has already been removed. However, oasrv.exe CPU usage stays around 50% and it shows a message on the History tab:


Created:      13/05/2013 12.24.25
Summary:      Program Guard: kernel event
Description:  OADriver: - 256 SignalAndWaitForAnswerEx - TIMEOUT. pid = 1732 tid = 612
Event type:   Kernel event(26)
Event action: None(1)




The only way to make the system stable again is rebooting.


An important thing to point out is that after receiving the error message from Windows, if I immediately try to remove any other application, many of them show the same behaviour and I got the same system freeze (e.g. IrfanView 4.35 / VLC 2.0.6).

However, if I reboot and try to remove them again, no problem. Trying to remove foobar2000 is always impossible, though.


Obviously if I turn OA off, no issue with foobar2000 (or any other application).

As far as I know, this issue has started very recently.


I've checked also my father's system (same OS/security software, different hardware) and the problem is also there.


The only "new things" on my system are the brand-new verions of HostsMan & HostsServer, but turning  both completely off, makes no difference. I've also tried to clean install foobar2000, disabling Avast! or enabling OA Learning Mode to no avail.


System Info:

Win XP Pro SP3
Avast! Free AV 8.0.1489
Online Armor Free
*Avast!/OA mutually excluded
HostsMan 4.0.95 (MVPS HOSTS + hpHosts "ad/tracking servers only")
HostsServer 2.0.57
Norton ConnectSafe aka Norton DNS v2

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Thanks, Christian.


Honestly, I'm not comfortable with using a beta of OA (or any other "important" software).

Could you please tell me what kind of uninstallers are affected by that issue?

Is there a way to avoid it apart from turning off OA?

Windows security updates/patches are affected somehow?

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OK thanks, Christian. I will try to wait for the stable release for the moment. Anyway, just in case I'd decide to try the beta, could you please confirm that the  "Beta updates" option (in Options/General) must stay ticked even after the upgrade? As far as I remember disabling that option makes OA revert back to the latest stable version...

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