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Quarantine Question

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I just recently downloaded a-squared, ran a full scan, and after scanning it looks as if all files it has detected have been quarantined. From reading the Help Page online, however, it looks like I also have to select the "Add File" option for each and every file that shows up in my Quarantine list. Would this be the correct thing to do, or is each detected file already quarantined, as it would appear they are?

I have, as the directions implied, tried to "Add File", but it keeps opening up a window that wants me to save/open? the files. My main concern is that my hard drive is cleaned of all trojans and worms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi, andrewd, welcome to the forum.

The results screen you are describing shows the detections made during the scan. It is then your decision to quarantine, ignore, submit as false positives or whitelist the detections. A-Squared does not automatically quarantine/delete anything.

You are advised to investigate all detections before quarantining in case any are false positives - you do not want to quarantine an essential system file. Doing so may render your PC unbootable.

What options do you have when all the detections are selected and you right-click?

Also, how many detections are we talking about here? If you believe your computer is infected, you may be better advised to visit the Malware Removal section of this forum, read the sticky, provide ythe logs required and wait for a response from a member of the malware removal team.

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Hi, andrewd, welcome to the forum.

In addition to what H_D pointed out

The <<Add file>> button is present when you are in visiting quarantine area.

Yo can review that area any time irrespectively whether the scan was performed just now and /or the entries were placed into Quarantine as a result of the current scan or previous scans.

There may not be any items quarantined at all.

The purpose:

Basically it is in its name – you can manually add the file into the Quarantine.

For instance, you may suspect that the file that you may not know about is in your system / there are some activities and/or other processes created that associated with it/ you found that there are connections established related to that activities... but neither a-squared nor other security present are flagging it... (probably they cannot identify it yet, based on their current knowledge)

In this case you manually adding the file and using that dialogue you mentioned.

As you can see from the example image attached the Infection name is “User”

If file is highlighted the <<Submit file>> button is active so you can send the file to EMSI developers for analysis .

My regards

P.S. When posting request please provide more info about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules as in #2)

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