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Repeated MS Office popups

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Hi... I can confirm that the issue is not fixed in the new Online Armor I see more and more pop up everyday. I am tempted to figure out how to remove Office Starter 2010. But it would be nice to see if I can get the constant autoruns to stop.


EDIT: I removed MS Office CLICKTORUN and STARTER but kept OFFICE 2010 (this came preinstalled). Now when I click on Office, it acts as if I have not used Starter. I find this is ok for me since I hardly use Word or Excel, but it might piss off the regular user. Also noticed that the autorun list is now down to one screen rather than hundreds.

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An alternative option would be to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\ to OA's exclusions list.  Adding the virtual Q:\ drive may also be of use, not necessarily with the repeated autorun popups, but with any other repeated Office popups you may get due to Microsoft's use of this virtual drive.

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