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I'm having trouble updating my A-Squared Free. Whenever I try to update, it tells me "Could not connect to update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings."

I checked here ( for help, but it didn't provide the guidance I need.

One thing I noticed... the first suggestion is to make sure I entered the correct a-squared account information. However, when I update, at no point does it ask for my account information??? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do something so my computer is authorized to receive the updates?

I have a working internet connection and no firewall is blocking my attempts to retrieve the updates.

Please help! Thanks.

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Hi cusedan02, welcome to the forum

Please provide more info about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules as in #2)

the statement "no firewall is blocking my attempts..." is not sufficient information.

Currently the update goes fine from this location.

Usually the message you mentioned could be caused by temporary server overload. Please try later fee times.

As for the account - as a user of Free edition you don't need the account.

Can you be more specific and attach the image so developers and users can see on what stage and in what form a2-Free is displaying that message (dialogue window?)

My regards

Happy New Year!

{added} One of the 1st ideas in 2010 :)

...when I update, at no point does it ask for my account information???...
Probably that is the News Subscription you are getting, isn't it?

If so, all offers (3 check boxes) are optional and the Dialogue itself has "Do not show..." option. Cheers!

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