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Which browser offers the best malware protection?

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"Which browser offers the best malware protection?"


The above title refers to this page: 



It so happens that my default and favorite browser is Opera, the least safe according to the test.  :blush:


Still I feel quite safe using Opera as I always run it in the virtual reality space -sandbox- of Sandboxie. See animated illustration of how that works: http://www.sandboxie.com/


Because I use the browser integrated Opera Mail client, that is also run in the sandbox by default.

Besides that I have the protection of Online Armor, Emisoft Anti-Malware, MalwareBytes, HitmanPro free, SpyShelter Pro, and the free Kaspersky Security Scan scanner. 


Maybe I'm overdoing it a bit with those "second opinion" scanners -I do trust EAM and OA- but they seem to be compatible, and take up little space.


I had read in the past that since most people used IE, most malware was written for that browser, and that because relatively few used Opera, the malware developers left that one mostly to the side... so this is a surprise to me.


With all the protection I have, I trust I will be fine using Opera. I also have IE9 (10 didn't work for me, mostly showing a blank page with grayed out buttons) and Firefox, but I hardly ever use them. I like the looks of Opera best the way I have personalized it.  :)

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Malware downloads are indeed one of the most prevalent infection vectors, but they are far from the only infection source. A browser can’t protect you against the dozens of new exploits for Adobe Reader, Java, Flash and other programs that appear every month.





As explained here browser safety is relative. While it is good to know which browser blocks known malware best, just as important is your own surfing behavior and additional security software on your computer. It doesn't mean that, if you use Opera, you'll automatically get infected, because this also greatly depends on what sites you access. 

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