Problem following programmed links in Internet Explorer

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I find that IE crashes or can't-load-page when following links, especially the links to and then back from debit card validation sites. Also BBC I-player download links and a travel insurance application that required leaving the main site to enter specific details on an additional risk.


Pausing protection, or disabling surf protection appears to resolve the issue.


I'm using Windows 7, IE 10 (update 10.0.5), Emisoft, and windows defender (Client Version: 1.7600.16385 Engine Version: 1.1.9506.0 Antispyware definitions: 1.151.798.0)


I'd prefer not to have to turn off the protection, but the break in the connection when completing on-line transactions is not tolerable. Is there a solution?



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Do you have the BBC iPlayer and Adobe AIR .exe's and .dll's trusted in OA's Programs list?


In EAM - Guard -Application Rules I have the iPlayer .exe defined as "Monitored" but specifically allowing two types of 'suspicious behaviour' namely 'spyware-related' and 'trojan download'... as EAM seemed to think the app was doing those.

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May I ask if you have any security software beyond Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Windows Defender installed?

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