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OA blocks Port Forwarding - HELP!

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After having absolutely no problems with port forwarding uTorrent and Skype for several years, I am suddenly unable to forward my ports successfully. I have spent hours trouble shooting the problem and re-forwarding the ports, changing the ports etc, etc, to no avail. The ONLY thing that works is to completely turn off Online Armor, and then it all works perfectly.


I have checked with canyouseeme.org and it reports the ports as unreachable.

When I run portforward.com's PFPortChecker utility, it reports the ports as open on TCP but unreachable on UDP.


I have gone into OA and checked that the ports are allowed for the relevant software - they are. The only mention of them is where I would expect them to be - next to Skype and uTorrent, and also next to the Port Forward port checker utility. I have included this software in OA's exclusions, but that makes no difference.


I have run the CurrPorts utility to check whether anything else is using those ports - nothing is.


I cannot work out why this is happening, as my setup has worked perfectly with OA until several days ago and I haven't changed anything - except for regular updates of my security software.

I have tried turning off my other security software, but that makes no difference. The only thing that fixes the problem is to completely turn of OA


Can anyone please help me with what to do next.


I run Windows 7 64 Home Premium, OA Premium (last update 27 May 2013), Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes Pro.

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What happens if you switch it to Normal Mode?

I have now got port forwarding working again. I had to go in to the OA settings and manually add the allowed ports, both TCP and UDP, both in and out, individually for Skype, uTorrent and the PFPortChecker utility. Just adding these programs to the excluded list was not sufficient. Could you please tell me if it is generally necessary to add ports manually? As far as I am aware I have never had to do this previously - it has always happened automatically when I have allowed programs. I have been successfully running port-forwarded software for years, and this is the first time I have had to manually add ports. Does OA do this automatically in "Normal Mode" but not in "Advanced Mode"?

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... Could you please tell me if it is generally necessary to add ports manually? ...

It is when Online Armor is in Advanced Mode. In Normal Mode it should work fine just by allowing the program though the firewall.

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