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Huge signature database cleanup incoming

Fabian Wosar

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Hello everyone,

We just wanted to take the time to inform you about a major signature database cleanup that we plan to release within the next week. Most of you who have been using Emsisoft Anti-Malware for more than a few months already know that we regularly do these cleanups from time to keep our database as small as possible. During these cleanups we usually disable signatures that have become obsolete. Either because the signature was replaced by a more generic signature that covers entire malware families or because our partner engine added detection for this malware in the meantime. We usually don't announce these cleanups in advance, but as you will soon see this isn't a regular cleanup.

So what makes this cleanup special? Usually signature cleanups remove a few hundred thousand signatures at a time. Due to the phenomenal work of both our research and development departments over the past couple of weeks, the next signature cleanup will drop the signature count by several millions.

This huge cleanup will have a similarly huge impact on the overall resource usage of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and the Emsisoft Emergency Kit as well:

  • Download sizes of both the Emsisoft Anti-Malware setup as well as the Emsisoft Emergency Kit will go down by about 80 MB
  • Memory usage with all signatures loaded will go down by around 100 MB
  • Load times and scan times will be reduced slightly on single core systems

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming signature cleanup as we are and we are looking forward to your feedback once the rollout has been completed :).

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I see I have just downloaded the new optimized signatures.


WoW - what a difference.

Before i had approx. 635 EmsiSoft signature modules - now i have 62 !!


That is a reduction at 90 %  :excl: (when just counting modules - not signatures inside those modules)


Signature wise I see 3.2 million signatures where made redundant due to wider generic signatures and general cleanup.


Congratulations on a very efficient optimization ^_^

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