2013-05-30 EAM Update - Black Screen & more

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Good Day EAM Support,


I am a registered paid user of 3 EAM licenses - 1 Win7 desktop, 1 Vista Home 32bit laptop, and my oldest desktop using Vista Ultimate 64bit SP2.


Yesterday's update asked for the system to be rebooted.  I have not done the Win7 PC as yet, it went fine on my Vista laptop, but it has caused chaos on my Vista 64bit PC.


After reboot the system showed the Microsoft loading screen and when I expected the login screen to appear it went to a black screen.  After waiting a long time, my photo screen saver popped up.  Upon moving the mouse, back to a black screen.


I found the following thread in these forums:


Following through the instructions there I was able to load Explorer.  It crashes on first attempt but reloading a second time brings up much of what I expect.


I also found to my surprise that I had no Restore points, zero.


Having worked through many reboots including various Safe loads I know this - a lot of processes are missing prior to manually loading Explorer a second time - maybe a third of what I normally would see.  After reloading Explorer a 2nd time some familiar programs load like Dropbox, SuperAntiSpyware, Iomega NAS Manager, but there still appears to be a number of processes missing.


What does not load is Catalyst Control Centre for my AMD/ATi video card and the EAM icon does not show in the Task manager.  I can run EAM by clicking the desktop icon and it shows I am running v7.0.0.25 with about 10,222,000 signatures.  Before the update there were about 13,500,000 signatures!!


I have tried re-installing Catalyst Control Centre for my AMD/ATi video card but it crashes during installation and not always during the same module.


One point I've noted is that my C: drive was critical on free space with only 3.35% (2.69G) available.  I've now cleaned up C: so that there is 17% (14G) free.  That freeing up of disk space has not solved Catalyst Control Centre crashing.


I've attached the OTL file. 



What next?









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Hello Carl1223,


The problem you are experiencing only occurs on 64 bit Windows Vista systems. We already fixed it with a new online update. To get the fix please try the following:

  1. While the black screen is displayed, press the DELETE key while holding down both the CTRL and ALT key.
  2. A menu should show up. Within that menu select "Start Task Manager".
  3. The Windows Task Manager should open. There select "File"/"New Task (Run...)".
  4. In the "Create New Task" window type "explorer.exe" and hit the OK button.
  5. The Windows Explorer should start and you should be on your normal Desktop. If for some reason the Windows Explorer immediately crashes, try to run it again using the instructions in step 3 and 4.
  6. Start Emsisoft Anti-Malware and perform an Online Update by pressing the "Update now" button.
  7. Once the update is complete, Emsisoft Anti-Malware will ask you to reboot your system. Please let the system reboot.

After the reboot everything should be back to normal. If it isn't, please let me know.

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O M G!  That is amazing.  Haven't had time to poke and prod in the intimate corners of this thing but it looks good on the screen.  Running processes looks to be about the right number off a fresh boot.


I saw EAM update and ask to be rebooted well before I read your response and there was no way I was going to allow it to reboot until you replied.  This is fantastic. :D :D :D :D

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I had a similar problem to Carl1223 after the update.  I wound up booting into Safe Mode and uninstalling EAM.  Started up fine after reboot.  I still haven't re-installed, but it's good to know that Emsisoft is on top of the problem.  You guys are the best in your customer service!

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