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frozen in firewall GUI


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Hi GT500 


 I add this replay because i have the same problem and i hope that will be helpful to the post owner and to you to solved this.

Before week ago i see same evidence make me doubt i am hacked . I issued that  to ( Help, my PC is infected! form).

you can see that in this link:



I get help to clean my PC and the frozen in firewall GUI and firewall setting tap solved. 

But Now i have the same frozen and the Online Armor sensitive to change network when i use  CyberGhost VPN that make me restart the computer two or three time to fix it.



I use Online Armor and VPN programs with out any issue from along time.

I scan and clean my PC again, No infected file.

All my programs original.


I will send LOG folder compressed in private massage sign with Flurry   me who add the replay not the LOG file from the post owner. 



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I split your post to it's own thread as per the ToS.  Since it seems like your malware removal person is still working with you, it would likely be best to wait until the malware issue is dealt with before getting help with this problem.  If Emsisoft requires logs from you for the Online Armor problem, they will specifically request them.

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