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Protected domains and cloud computing & CDNs

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Given the revelation in the June 10 "Online Armor Run Safer Help" topic which by the reasoning that "designed at a time where the Internet worked a lot different than it does nowadays," the Online Banking mode may work or fail...

Do those reasons apply also to the domains entered as Protected in the Domains panel?  (And "Ignore OA domains list" enabled.)

Is it the DNS checker at the root of this "work or fail" interaction with clouds and CDNs?

Thank you.

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Run Safer lowers the rights of an application to that of a limited user, and so the security advantage is no greater than logging on to your computer as a limited user. The UAC in newer versions of Windows has made the feature less necessary, as applications running under the UAC do not have the rights to change system settings without being given elevated permissions. Technically the technology is not completely obsolete, as Windows XP users do not have as easy of a system for reducing the rights of a running application like users of newer versions of Windows that include the UAC, and some users of newer versions of Windows prefer to completely disable the UAC in order to avoid being presented with that popup asking for permission to elevate the rights of a program that needs administrative rights on the computer.

As for Banking Mode, both Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware contain mechanisms to protect your computer against the types of threats that would pose an issue when you are doing your online banking, so one could argue that Banking Mode is a bit redundant. As for whether or not it is obsolete, I'll have to leave that one to Fabian to answer. ;)

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What is UAC please.

UAC = User Account Control

It's a security feature that was added in Windows Vista and improved in Windows 7 that asks you for permission if you run an application that requires administrative privileges. The feature exists in Windows 8 as well, however I would believe that it works the same way it did in Windows 7 (or at least very similarly to how it did in Windows 7).

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