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I've been using OA for quite a while. Since I haven't had problems, I haven't posted.


I'm now changing laptops.  I haven't seen OA saying anything about renewal and the app itself says I have 289 days left.

I forgot what I bought. I do have the key if you need it.


I've been using an XP laptop that for some reason won't take SP3. (Tech tried) I just bought a 7 laptop and want to put OA on it.

How do I transfer and what version?


Also, this site won't let me change email or password. I got in under a temporary key, and I can't get any changes. I forgot my password, and when I try to change the password, it won't take the temporary one. I'd also like to change email address - but it says that the new email is already in use. I do have 2 accounts. How to fix?



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Hello weezyrider,

To install Online Armor Premium on your new computer please follow the instructions in the private message I've sent to you.

I need to change the Yahoo email and password. The site won't let me.

Please send me a private message (PM) with the email address you want to use for your account in our customer center. I'll change your Yahoo email address to the newer one and set a temporary password for you.

I apparently have another account under just Weezy. Can't these be merged?

I can't identify your second account without the email address you've used for the second account. Please send me the email address in a PM and I'll merge your accounts if needed.

Should you have any further questions, please just let me know.
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