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When I first loaded the internet security pack and malware the scans on my pc would run without smoothly.  Now about 2 months or so later when the scan automatically runs everything on my PC (all applications) slow down tremendously.  What could be causing this and what resolve do you offer?






PC Specs

Alienware Aurora Game PC

9 GiG Memory/Win7 x64


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Hi Arthur,


I appreciate the reply however, I am uncertain about both of these methods.  I feel that doing either one of the choices may put my PC at risk or make it so that I have to perform the tasks manually.  I want the operation of my anti-virus and anti-malware to be automatic.


At this point I'm considering to uninstall and re-install the program to correct the problem.  Your advise on this would be appreciated.  Thanks!



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All those steps will do s tell Online Armor not to monitor certain parts of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and tell Emsisoft Anti-Malware not to monitor certain parts of Online Armor. Technically, it is not necessary for one security software to monitor another, and adding these exclusions will usually reduce the performance impact of running more than one security software on your computer. These steps will not reduce the amount of protection, or force you to do anything manually that is currently being done automatically.

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