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Is BSPlayer malware?

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Guest James

Just to provide a little more information, from what I can see BSPlayer used to include a toolbar, which has now been replaced by their "ControlBar"... Here is something I found on one of their pages,

BS.Player ControlBar is completely safe to install and use: it is unobtrusive, easy to deactivate and uninstall, and does not transmit any information in a manner that can identify a user (such as a name or an E-mail address, ensuring complete anonymity for users).

Their is still a toolbar which slyly comes pre-ticked, however it is easily untickable in the setup wizard and does not transmit any information in a "manner that can identify a user".

Whether or not the detection will remain is out of my control. If you believe it is a False Detection, please right-click the detection from the scan window and click "Submit As False Alert".


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Hi ArtemisF0wl welcome to the forum

First, please read Forum Posting Rules and provide information about the System Environment as in #2)

Posting the image is very helpful in many cases but not when you are showing flaggings.

In addition you did not expand the branches so not much can be seen.

It is better to attach the report or extract from the report.

As H_D said BSPlayer was flagged in the past but a bit differently. That was not Trace.Directory etc. as far as remember. You can use search and find old discussions

But in any case please please follow the suggestion given by James and submit, which is the right way in the 1st place when you are not sure.

My regards

P.S. 1) Traces are not necessarily representing danger. You can read about different types of Traces in the following Knowledge Base article Spyware Traces in Detail

2) As for the other detection – again not much can be advised except “submit”, since we cannot see the files. But “VNC” is often flagged for known reason. The same could apply to the Riskware if you are using it for legit purposes, most likely you'll need to white list those

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