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My son's computer was hacked about a month ago and he asked me for help so since I knew there was a 30 day trial for Emsisoft I sent him the link.  I did not realize he did not know what he was doing and paid $39.00 for a key which was never used. The problem is I wrote to Emsisoft at every address I could find and have not heard a thing. I asked them if I could use the key since we replaced his computer with one of our old ones a so he felt he was paying us back. Does anyone know how to talk to a human being there. I get all the updates but have never got an answer from them...Thanks.  Had I known he was going to buy it I could have saved him $10.00 by buying it through Cloudeight.


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Hello Jackie,

Your email was received on July 27 and was replied to within 48 hours (29 July, 10:21 AM). The support agent handling your case hasn't heard back from you ever since. Have you checked your spam folder? Most likely your email provider filtered out the reply.

In any case, you can use his key without issues. While licenses are tied to the computer they were used on, we allow you to switch the license up to different computers up to 3 times a day. I've also added a bit of extra time to your license. Hopefully that will make up for the extra $10 your son paid :).

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