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FF Plugin container keylogger alert

pc blues

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Hello ,


Since updating Firefox to 23.0.1 at certain sites i get a pop up asking to allow Plugin Container.exe

when i allow it  comes a warning about plugin container.exe wanting to run a keylogger.

To this stage i only had this happen at a blog i visit daily , but when i logged on here..

same thing happened,  allowed Plugin container but "blocked" the "keylogger".

For the record all spyware/virus etc scans come up clean..

I did ask @ the Firefox forums, they suggested i come here...


Wow.. just now when trying to attach screenshots i had the extra warnings ( plugin 3 & 4 )


Any ideas whats going on..?

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Hi ,


Thanks for the response , the issue isn't the "plugin container" asking for access.. its the warnings about


                                                                 " keyloggers" !


I went to the Mozilla forums  before i came here and  i had the following response ,


quote " Unless your computer is otherwise infected it is a false positive.If Mozilla suddenly took all leave of their senses and planted a keylogger you would not be the first to know icon_smile.gif. What is the firewall you are using?" end of quote.


And to add to the mistery, it happens on some webpages..( as it did here as well )  other times  i can browse without popups frm On-line armor.




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it might be that plugin container is trying to direct keyboard input to a plugin running within the container (since that's how FF isolates plugins from the system) - do the sites that trigger the alert have anything in common? (flash-heavy text input, etc)

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I get the occasional alert (I have plug-in container set to "ask" under the keylogger tab) and I ordinarily just "block" the request (current session).  I can't remember the last time that prevented whatever I was doing from working properly.


In the event that it causes a failure, just reload and allow the alert if it's not something you have reason to be concerned with.


(I've noticed in past months that if Firefox and Thunderbird aren't allowed permission as "keyloggers" that they will not update properly via the site menus.)

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Hi all!

Many trusted and reliable software for normal operation, the use registration of keystrokes! wink.png

After all, it is a known fact!

And this is normal! smile.png

Online Armor doesn't tell exactly because programs trusted!

Take them into the unknown - and OA will issue alerts, detect keyloggers! dry.png

That's why I asked - as marked Plugin Container...

 I Have no alerts on.smile.png

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<< Keyloggers are programs designed to monitor and record everything that you type on your computer. Online Armor detects Keyloggers by how they act, assuring the greatest level of detection and ensuring that they cannot bypass the Online Armor Firewall.

If an Unknown program is Allowed to run and begins to act like a Keylogger then Online Armor will Block the behavior and pop-up to ask you if you want to Allow it to proceed. As many programs use these same techniques for non-malicious reasons, such as "Hot Keys", you may see detections for legitimate software that does not actually record keystrokes. We do not recommend blocking behavior of software known to be legitmate and trustworthy, as doing so may cause unpredictable problems (...) >>


[Online Armor Help: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Keyloggers.shtml]

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Yes, this is what I say!


I don't know, as reported by the respected pc blue Plugin Container... blush.png


Therefore recommend noted reliable program!

Then there will be these alerts. Actions Keylogger this program has, but they are necessary for normal operation of the Plugin Container and are not malicious.happy.png

Anyway, I have during the last update Fx OA immediately noted Plugin Container as reliable program (green color in tab) and no alerts on the detective Keylogger does not extradite.

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