ports 80 and 443 are opened

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I made two tests with GRC and PcFlank, the results were, that ports 80 and 443 are opened. Are these cases dangerous or is it necessary to the Internet connection?


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Do you connect to the Internet through a router? If so, then please note that most routers (and even many modems) have Network Address Translation (NAT) which is a form of firewall. If your Internet connection is being protected by a NAT, then the test results will reflect the NAT and not Online Armor's current configuration, as the NAT will block the test from reaching the computer that is running Online Armor.

You can determine if there is a NAT on your Internet connection by shutting down Online Armor, and then rerunning the test. If the results are the same with Online Armor turned off, then the test is showing you the results from your NAT, and not from Online Armor.

As for the port number 80 and 443, these are the HTTP and HTTPS ports. If you do have a router or a modem with NAT then they are probably open to allow remote access to the router/modem configuration page.

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