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Issues when trying to update Anti-malware.


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I am now having issues when trying to update Anti -malware.


Been a user for many a year and noticed today that my software had updated 6 days ago.

Tried a manual update and  it throws up


Could not connect to update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings.


 I do not use proxy and since I have typed this into Firefox my internet connection is ok.



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I guess an Admin has moved my post  because I put it in the wrong place... sorry


SInce the original post I updated it with some further details which  I will repeat here.


ANTI MAlware is version    License expires 118 days


Rebooted PC

Rebooted Router


Disabled Leaf Network Adapter (As I added a Netgear NAS Duo box  30 days ago,  the only thing I think has changed since Anti Malware used to work)

Disconnected Netgear NAS box.

Returned some Router settings back to  before NAS was added


About to try a re install  of the software.


     Reinstall resulted in same issue.

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