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when trying to use cmd line scanner, i update (/u)  (update works fine)  and then try to run a scan...


i am getting an error msg that says "program error, no malware signatures can be found"


please go to web site and download...


i thot that the update process is doing this???


also, cannot find anywhwere on web site to download malware signatures...


any help appreciated...


many thanks!!!!

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I removed the /h and /r parameters and all seems to be well...

don't remember where I got those parms, but obviously they are incorrect....


I will watch the scan and post back if that does not completely solve the problem...


sorry for the trouble, and many thanks for your help!!!!

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thank you for the feedback.


The parameters /h (heuristic) and /r (riskware) are outdated and was removed in one of the last releases. As replacement for the riskware detection please use the new parameter /pup (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


If you have any more questions or problems, just let us know.

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