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How do you create an exception?

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I´ve been using Online Armor Free for a while now and never had any problems with it. I just use the firewall part of the program, all HIPS features are disable. Recently I started playing Battlefield 3 online and I kept getting kicked by Punkbuster because it had failed to update. The problem ceased when I shut the firewall down. Apparently Punkbuster keeps making small updates that change the program´s exe, which of course prompts the firewall to ask me to either allow or block it (there is already a rule in place to allow and trust the program).

My question is, is it possible to create a rule to exclude Punkbuster from filtering so that the firewall will not control it in any way and just allow it?

Thanks a lot in advance.


PS: Online Armor is the only resident program, I use all my other security software as on demand scanners

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