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I was playing about in startup and found this item"Qagco- ypOeWGorLos Version 9.13.0073"followed pathway and found nothing.Did a web search and found nothing very curious.I am using Vista Home Premium.Has anybody come across this.All the best and thanks.

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Hi fred , welcome to the forum.

First, the format of the detection (if that is what you provided) is not how a-squared would flag the suspect (that's not the conventional a2/Ikarus format).

Always save the report and attach it or the excerpt, so the developers and others can see the locations and the precise names (files; registry entries; detections) of the flagged items

Avoid typing - you can make a mistakes and that could be just misleading. The attached report and/or "copy/paste" will do much better job ;)

If you are suspecting False Positive – submit from the detection list to EMSI developers for analysis

That is not clear what you meant by “... playing about in startup ...»

We may just guess... and that may not relate to a-squared if you found something unknown to you running on System startup (? :rolleyes: )

Please be more specific in your descriptions

My regards

P.S. When posting request please provide more info about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules as in #2)

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