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Online Armor and VPN

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My VPN provider strongly recommends that their customers use a competitor's firewall, and gives detailed instructions on how to configure the firewall so that software (such as a torrent client) cannot contact the internet if the VPN connection drops out. As far as I can understand, it involves creating rules that allows a particular piece of software to access the internet ONLY if it is connecting via the VPN server's IP block. Then, if the VPN connection drops out and the standard ISP connection takes over, internet access will be blocked. Can anyone tell me if this is possible within Online Armor Premium? If so, help with how to do it would be greatly appreciated.


I run Windows 7 64 Home, Online Armor Premium

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Please allow me to apologize for the slow response.

I asked our main Online Armor developer about this, and he is fairly certain that what you want to do isn't possible in Online Armor.

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