Emsisoft Anti-malware & IObits' Advanced System Care Ultimate - Compatibility

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Good day to all,


Sometime ago I installed IObits' Advanced System Care Ultimate primarily for the maintenance tools it offers. It also includes antivirus software but I suspect it does not afford the same protection as Emsissofts' Anti- malware .In the past I have used A Squareds' free spyware product and found it very good


I would like to ask the community if my assumption is correct and would I be able to run both together without any compatibility issues and if so is it possible to configure each piece of software to prevent this. You see I would like to keep IObits product for the maintenance tools but at the same time I of course want maximum protection from malware.


Any advice would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance.    

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If there are compatibility issues, then Emsisoft Anti-Malware does have a whitelist for adding process exclusions.

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