a2cmd commandline scanner don't scan cookies.

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Hi all,

I have just downloaded the Emsisoft Commandline scanner version I have put it in my USB pen and I have updated it successfully (a2cmd /u).

At this point I have tried to make a scan for tracking cookies but it don't scan anything (Scanned: 0), like showed in the attached scan output.

I have Windows XP with IE (but it is possible that it has no cookies because I don't use it) and four  profiles of Firefox  with many cookies, why it don't find them for scanning?

I have red that Firefox and IE are supporte.


Here is the outpu:

F:\sicurezza\asquared>a2cmd /c /d

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v.
(C) 2003-2013 Emsisoft -

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner - Version 8.1
Last update: 17/10/2013 16.33.54

Scan settings:

Scan type:                              Custom Scan
Objects:                                Cookies

Detect Potentially Unwanted Programs:   Off
Scan archives:                          Off
ADS Scan:                               Off
File extensions:                        Off
Advanced caching:                       Off
Direct disk access:                     Off

Scan start:                             17/10/2013 17.22.49

Scanned            0
Found              0
Removed            0

Scan end:          17/10/2013 17.29.40
Scan time:         0.06.50


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I have been able to reproduce this issue, and I am opening a bug report on it so that our developers can take a closer look at it.

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