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dumb question: 32 bit vs. 64 bit

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Hi, I got a new PC this summer and of course installed OA right away...  at the time I did the install (June 21), I downloaded a new OA file and installed it, it was  I am now up to date with  My old PC was XP and my new one is Win 8 and it's 64 bit.  How can I tell if I'm still running a 32 bit version of the software so I can upgrade?  I got the Win 8.1 upgrade over the weekend and now the machine is very slow at rendering internet pages (Firefox) and in my Task Manager it says Online Armor Component (32 bit) is using 26% of the CPU when the system is at rest.  Would it be best to uninstall and install the 64 bit version?  MIght it behave a little better in this architecture?  Thanks!

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Technically there is no 64-bit version (at least not yet). We have 64-bit drivers so that Online Armor works on 64-bit editions of Windows (well, at least 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 ), however the actual applications that make up Online Armor (the service, the program that draws the System Tray icon, and the main application that you can open to change settings) are all 32-bit.

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