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Command line - default folder & filename for /q /l /wl

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in command line; if I use quarantine (/q), log (/l), or white list /wl

1) must I define a specific path or there is a default folder.

2) for /l, or /wl is there a default filename?

t.y., soso

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Hi soso, welcome to the forum

The rule of thumb when you are using Command Line Scanner (CLS) is to include all paths explicitly.

If you downloaded just CLS Package -you can run CLS from any folder where you unzipped it.

You can use the default folder with a-squared installation or USB Stick folder. The later two contain CLS as well

(if that's what you asked in your 1st question)

As you see in the description - parameters or their parts that are having square brackets “[]” are optional

Some thins depends on how you are running it.

Say, if you are running from within a-squared folder there is \Quarantine\ folder already

If you would run a2cmd from “any” chosen folder where you just unzipped the package the said folder will be created after the first run

As for the report /L I did not find the way to get it except using explicit path or using redirected output

example #1 – file a2report.txt will be created if doesn't exist and will be rewritten when reused subsequently:

F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5>a2cmd /F=F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5 /l=F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5\a2report.txt

The attached image depicts the updating; running with the DOS output and the report file opened

example #2 – redirecting output:

F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5>a2cmd /F=F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5 > D:\a2report.txt

example #3 – whitelist:

Regarding /WLyou have to use the file name because that is the file, which has to be created prior to the scan. The file contains the names of the folders and/or detections to be ignored during the scan

F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5>a2cmd /F=F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5 /wL=F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5\MyWhitelist.txt > D:\a2report.txt

If MyWhitelist.txt has the entry like F:\_Temp\a2CLS_4.5\Signatures\ (see the 2nd image)

You can check the output and you will find that all files resided in the \Signatures\ folder were not scanned compare to the result as in example #2


You can search our old forum with respective keywords (“a2cmd”; “CLS” included, no quotes, etc. ) and you can find many discussions and examples) Pleas tell if you are not able to find them I'll provide a few

There are few requests in this new forum as well (links are below)

It is better to create batch file or, script (VB for instance) and have it handy especially when you are going to scan PC “other than yours”.

You can use batch/script parameters. Have a look how H_D suggested that recently

in this thread Some examples are here

I hope the above answered your questions.

My regards

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