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Downloading Java

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I recently had some issue with my pc which you so kindly and professionaly helped me sort out and you said it was down to multiple installs of java and thus a security flaw saw malware through to my pc.


Now I am having messages pop up ( in my desktp bar on the bottom right ) saying of update Java is ready to be installed ( with a coffee cup as a symbol )

I am also having ( at start upp ) a different message pop up on screen ( TOP LEFT ) a black window asking me to download java update.


Which one should I be downloading if any?

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First of all, my recommendation is, if you don't need Java, uninstall it. Many users have it installed by default but don't actually need it (I haven't had it installed on my home computer for more than a year and have yet to encounter a legitimate website I frequent requiring it), most sites do not require Java. 


If you use Java and you want to be sure you install a real update and not something else, there are a few ways to check this. You can click Start > Control Panel > Java. In the Java applet that opens, click the Update tab and then click the Update Now button. You will be prompted if a new update is available.

Alternatively you can download the latest update from the Java website. (the current version is 7u45).


Note, during installation you may be prompted with an additional offer to install Ask Toolbar and change your search engine. Be sure to uncheck those options if you don't want to install the toolbar and/or change your homepage or search settings. 

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