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Wherever i go on internet EAM and Adblock plus blocking advertisement and tracking cookies.Who makes all that tracking sites and why someone want to know which i or millions other people visit some sites on Internet???? Is Internet maked to track people because i found tracking domains everywhere :mellow:

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This has to do with keeping track about who visits a certain site, and what they do on said site. For example, a shopping site will want to see what you buy, and what other products you visit before or after that, so that they can adapt their offers based on that. By adapting a site's content to what the visitor likes, a site can attract more visitors, which means more money. 

So, this is not about what you as individual do, but more about shares and numbers. If 80% of the visitors of product A, do not buy a thing, but 80 % of the visitors of product B on the same site, end up buying it, the site can adapt its content to that (just a random example, of course its not quite as simple as this, but just to get an idea). 

On the other hand, a site may adapt its advertisements based on what you visit. If you visit sports articles, it may display ads for sports-related products for example. 


It really depends on the data stored in a cookie though, and while tracking can be seen as a privacy invasion, it is usually not malicious (can not lead to actual infection or data theft).


There are various ways to minimize tracking, for example disable third-party cookies in your browser or use Do-Not-Track, which is supported in one way or another by most browsers (via extensions, add-ins or settings). Note that not all tracking is done via cookies though.

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