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Trying to gid fid of Avasts 20131121


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gid fid yikes! "get rid" sorry

I uninstalled avast 2014 using programs and features,was using it as extra on demand scanner.

I used their uninstall utility as well

I can't get rid of this 20131121 avast emupdate in msconfig start up

Does anyone know if Rejzors avast uninstall utility is safe/effective?

Can't find much about it on line


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You may want to check the Avast Forum about this specific topic. Here is the main thread about the infamous "20131121 Emergency Update":




So far, after many days, no real official reply from Avast about what the update was supposed to do and why it is running at every boot, though. That speaks volumes about the current Avast Team, in my personal opinion as a user.


Some users there gave directions about how it could be easily removed.


Best Regards

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