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I'm having a problem deleting cookies with a2cmd.


Here's what I did:


I ran Emsisoft Emergency Kit and it found 3 cookies.  I ran a2cmd and it found the same.   I tried to delete/quarantnie  the cookies with a2cmd, without success.      Went back into Emergency Kit , quarantined one of them and deleted the other --so I know it's possible to delete and quarantine.



I just can't figure out how to delete the remaining cookie with a2cmd.   I've tried the following (from the EmsisoftEmergencyKit\Run directory):



a2cmd /c /q="Quarantine"


a2cmd /c /d


a2cmd /c /dq




Any clue?

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You appear to be using the parameters correctly, so I'm going to open a bug report on this so that our developers will take a look at it.

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