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Hi Guys,


I'm new to EAM, & have always heard good things reagarding EAM, at Wilders etc..  My previous AV was Quoo 360, which ran very light, & very good product.  EAM seems to be all over the place (never consistent) regarding mem usage.  Sorted by "mem usage", EAM can be greater than 100k to less than, 3k.  I understand that, should EAM be scanning, or downloading, mem usage would vary.  Is there an adaption phase, where EAM learns or adapts, using higher mem usage.




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Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses two databases, which is around 200MB in size. In order to prevent RAM usage from always being more than 200MB it will offload all signatures that are not being used into the pagefile, and Windows will move them back in to RAM as they are being used. This is why memory usage fluctuates like it does.

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