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Hi Team

I'am new.I ran a deep scan, and found 3 things that came up. In quarantine I high lighted a high risk file, then clicked on add-file. Don't know where it went. I still have 2 medium risk in quarantine. What is my next step to find out what these are, and fix them?


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Hi Bizman, welcome to the forum

First always save the report. You can attach it or the excerpt.

The sequence you are describing is not precise.

When you scanned, you got the detections. You quarantined flagged items.

Instead, if you are not sure and you want to find out whether those are False Positives or not you can “Submit as false alert” from the detection list in the 1st place. (Right-Click on the flagged item)

You can Submit from the quarantine as well. And wait for the signatures update.

Set settings for Re-scanning. Quarantined items will be re-scanned after subsequent updates.

Please read about quarantine feature and other Help topics

The <<Add file>> button used for manually adding files.

Say, the other security flagged file(s) but a-squared did not

or you just suspecting the file itself, not having any flaggings by any security.

You can temporarily move such files into Quarantine and send to developers for investigation.

In quarantine I high lighted a high risk file, then clicked on add-file. Don't know where it went...
There standard dialogue box should be displayed after using "add file"

Please read few pinned Stickies at the beginning of the forum section.

Those could be helpful

My regards

P.S. {added} attached images are depicting “Add file” feature and the “Open” dialogue

The item added has “User” type of the infection and the Risk level is “Unknown”

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Hi Team

I have windows XP OS, and Norton Anti Virus.

I did a deep scan with A-Squared Free. There was 3 files that was in quarantine list. The top file, I highlighted and clicked on (add file) button, it went away.

The next day the second file at the top, I highlighted and clicked on (restore) button, it went away.

Now I have 1 file left at the top in the quarantine list. I highlighted it and right clicked and choose (select all) button. That file is still there. I have not made any folders or anything, just clicked on the buttons. What a mess, I'am lost.

How can I get these back and send them in for analyzes.


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Hi Bizman,

Please don't just hit buttons read and learn about the functions as suggested above

File(s) should not “go away” from quarantine when <<Add file>> was pressed

You should get the dialogue described above and the purpose of the action was explained

It actually doesn't matter which item is selected when you are using the said button, because the action has nothing to do with already existing items in the list - that is always and only about adding new file.

Please ask if you have questions about that.

If you Restored – then the file was indeed removed from the Quarantine and placed back to is original location. In this case you can just rescan with updated signatures.

Most likely you don't remember now what was that, therefore always save the report as suggested, if there are any flaggings.

As for the item that was left – select and use <<Submit file>> button

In addition you always can use “Save quarantine list” and attach the list if you have questions.

The saved file has the following format

a-squared free v.
(C) 2003-2010 Emsi Software GmbH -
ID   Object
0    F:\_Temp\SubmitManuallyAddedTest\OTMoveIt3.exe  User
1    c:\program files\regclean\regclean.exe  Trace.File.RegClean!A2

where you can see the locations and the names of items and detection names

Here is a bit more information. That could be a lot to reading but nothing we can do if we want to learn ;)

Read the following link from the old forum. In the reply from Thursday, 25 December under “submitting and or auto-rescanning” there are helpful references about different ways to do that.

I hope you will learn how to investigate, submit detected items, setting Re-Scan option, etc., e.g.:

“How should I treat the malware I found?”

My regards

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