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EAM and IPv6 network: advice/experience?

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Do EAM's Internet protections fully cover IPv6 traffic of Internet browsers and other Internet connected programs on the PC? I'm assuming that a packet filtering setup would capture it all, no matter what kind of Internet addressing is used--is this correct?


I'm a former Online-Armor (OA) customer who stopped using it when my ISP upgraded to dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 Internet service (OA dosen't handle IPv6). As things stand now, I connect to many web sites via IPv6, some 100% (e.g. many Google domains). The IPv6 peering of my ISP doesn't seem any slower than their IPv4 peering.


Now I'm thinking of getting better Internet protection on my Windows 7 SP1 x64 machine than my current combination of the Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1 (MSE and EMET41 for short). I will keep EMET41 for certain, as it does defend against various kinds of exploits, but anti-virus testing organizations like AV-Comparatives show that MSE is nowhere in general virus/phishing/etc threat detection/repair rates compared to Emsisoft, Bitdefender, or Kaspersky.


I avoid "dangerous" websites/browsing behaviour as a matter of course, but, as always, it's the threats that you don't know about that eventually get you: e.g. cross website exploitations, various forms of in-browser key-stroke logging/spying, and so forth. And if you do online banking as I do, maybe we need to be more careful...


In any case, I've always preferred security products that privilege live executable threat behaviours rather than just threat signatures, hence EAM.

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