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Online Armor and HitmanPro.Alert


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a few months ago I installed HitmanPro.Alert (HMPA); obviously, I added it to the exclusion list in OA.
After some short time, one (random) program stopped to respond (it didn't start at all when clicked on its icon),
then another program - the same situation, and so on.  When I closed OA, the programs started to respond,
the same when OA was on and HMPA - off.  So, it seems that HMPA is in conflict with HIPS in OA,
or maybe it is a kind of HIPS itself?  Could this problem be solved?  Does HMPA add any additional protection
to that provided by OA (a new kind of protection against ransomware, Vaccination and CryptoGuard modules, and so on).

My OS is Windows XP Home SP3.

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Have you tried adding an exclusion for your HitmanPro.Alert program to Online Armor? If not, then here are some instructions for adding a folder to the Exclusions list in Online Armor:

  • Click on the Start button, go to All Programs, go to Online Armor, and click on the Online Armor icon to open it.
  • Click on Options in the menu on the left.
  • Go to the Exclusions tab.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Use the little [+] and [-] icons to the left of folder names to open and close them, find the folder you want to add, click on it to highlight it, and then click OK at the bottom.
  • Close the Online Armor window.
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thank you!  yes, HMPA was added to the exclusion list in OA just after install.

it was in October, so the HMPA version 2.  I also observed that the HMPA process

in task manager grown continuously in (a short) time from a few MB to

ca. 14 MB or so; at the same time, the above-mentioned problems with some programs occurred.

then, I unistalled HMPA.

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