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i got tons of luck because i use EAM.sometimes i search for new games,emulators,pluggins etc,and EAM find very big number of all kind af malwares,and block alot sites.My stupid friend got Avast and he got spyware toolbars and all what is blocked on my PC.He reinstall windows 7 and install again all malicious files :wacko: .Thank you for this software because i newer dont need to reinstall my system 8) .

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Hi biodegradable,

If you have a copy of the files, could you upload them to www.virustotal.com and post the links here or alternatively attach the files? I can then check them out to see why they're being flagged.

BTW, if this happens, best is to create a separate topic in the False Positives forum with a copy of the files, that way we don't overlook your request. :)

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As Siketa already suggested, the files are not digitally signed, which is why the behavior blocker detected them. I have whitelisted these files via the cloud-scanner now. And yes, these files are harmless, its a bit sloppy from Oracle not to sign the file, but thats all. :)

In case you're interested, this is the file I found that was being flagged:


This file shows up twice in an alert because it is copied to a new location.

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I found and installed EAM and I like it. It says to expire in 22 days or so now. that's to bad. I like to keep it right where it is and allow it to continue monitoring my system for any malwares or ad-ons that some programs sneak in behind my back. This is not the only program I run. I have a few other ones that are compatible with what Microsoft gives us for win64x 7 systems.

we all know not EVERY program ever catches EVERYTHING. That is why i run multiple things to protect myself. I thought i read it still continue to run after the 30 trial expires. I hope so. I like being warned about adware being loaded into my system. lots of programs from giveawayoftheday do that. pisses me off. but hey I like to try new programs for free and a lot i do sand-boxed but it still finds workarounds to get past me and loads into my browsers or whatever. Grrr....

anyways enough of my rambling. I like to say I like EAM and I hope maybe i could get the full version and act like an outside evaluation guy. I'm pretty educacted in computers, I run some Linux servers in my past, I had some unix programming classes at Berkeley back in the late 70's. So I think Im a valuable resourceful guy.  

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